Bash Party Recap

Maddie’s Trolls Art Bash!

Like I mentioned in my last post, we had a Trolls Art Bash this weekend for Maddie. Her birthday party was held at the United Church of Christ of Zion in Sand Lake, NY in their beautiful, newly renovated community center. It was the perfect space for our party; it has a huge community room with lots of folding tables and chairs, a large commercial kitchen and  sits right on Little Bowman Pond so there’s a gorgeous view. It’s a fantastic space for a party or an event so if you’re looking for a venue in the Averill Park – Sand Lake area, I highly recommend it.

Now, on to the party details!

Gorgeous, right? Our view from the community room.

Being as it was a Trolls Art Bash we had Trolls decorations around the party room. I made these little skewers with “Find Your Happy Place” and Poppy cutouts as well the Trolls paper lanterns (DIY instructions for the lanterns in my last post). On the tables, I used some colorful handkerchiefs to brighten up the white tablecovers.  And, like we do for all Art Bashes, we made name tags for everyone and placed them on mini easels.

We had 9 kiddos at the Bash, including the birthday girl, Maddie, and her little brother, Drew. While we waited for everyone to arrive, we played kids charades then we started on the birthday banner.

The Birthday Banner (Drew, 4 years old, got a bit of a head start)

Our first craft was the Trolls pencils, picked out by Maddie and her mom. The kids picked out their feathers for their troll hair, then they added stickers and eyeballs. They turned out great!

After a quick game and pizza break we went on to the BIG craft – Initial Canvas Paintings. I prepped the canvases ahead of time with their first initial, then the kids picked their own colors to make their personalized paint creations. They loved using the paint!

Initial Canvases_Maddie's Art Bash.png
Canvases all ready to go!
Maddie’s Canvas Painted with Pink Stripes

Once we cleaned ourselves up it was time for cupcakes! We made tie dye frosting and the kids decorated their own cupcake with sprinkles and candy.

Tie Dye Cupcake Time!

We wrapped up the birthday party with a game of Bingo and some bubbles!

Maddie’s Art Bash was so much fun, especially because the guests were an awesome group of 6 and 7 year old kids and Maddie’s family are such nice people! Happy Birthday Maddie! Hope you have a great time at your family party today!

Next weekend is another busy one for Bash Parties with 2 Bashes and the Hannaford Kidz Expo on Saturday, March 4 at the Empire State Convention Center in Downtown Albany (more info here). This week we’ll be rolling out our guide to making the most of the Kidz Expo, so stay tuned!

Thanks and enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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