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Bingo! It’s St. Patrick’s Day!

Full disclosure, I love St. Patrick’s Day. My grandfather was from Ireland and as a kid my brother, cousins and I would march with him and the  Albany Ancient Order of Hibernians in the Albany St. Patrick’s Day Parade every year, shillelagh in hand. Walking in a big parade is one of the coolest experiences for a multitude of reasons. If you’ve walked in a parade you know what I mean. If you haven’t, find your nearest parade and look for an opening to hop in – it’s all about blending in.

Shamrock Cupcakes
St. Patty’s Day Cupcakes!
Please allow me to explain some of the reasons why walking in the Albany St. Patrick’s Day Parade is awesome:

  1. Everyone you wave to smiles and waves back.
  2. You get to walk down the center of Albany like you own it!
  3. It’s a reason to wear face paint (this one is more for the kids, but I know there’s adults out there that love an excuse to wear face paint too).
  4. Your family runs up to you as you walk by and takes your picture like you’re some sort of celebrity strutting the red carpet.
  5. You can high five strangers on the parade route – sometimes it’s welcome, sometimes it’s not – but no one gets mad about it.
  6. The color green is flattering on everyone.
  7. You get to hear the sweet sound of those plastic green horns.

Not all of us can get the chance to march in the parade (unless you try the maneuver I mentioned earlier – remember, just blend in). Let’s face it, someone has to watch the parade go by and throw their hands up for high fives from to the parade participants.

Those of you parade viewers out there may be bringing their kids down to the St. Patrick’s Day parade this Saturday, which is great! However, once you’ve gotten your spot, there is some downtime before the parade steps off and that’s when the chorus of “When is it going to start?” begins.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade Bingo

To help distract the little ones before the parade begins at 2:00, we’ve come up with St. Patrick’s Day Parade Bingo! It’s picture bingo and all of the bingo cards have the same images, just in different spots. Print these out for your little shamrocks and let them X out the items as they see them to keep them entertained before and during the big parade! St. Patricks Day Parade Bingo Cards_Bash Birthday Parties

St. Patrick's Day Parade Bingo Cards Graphic

More info about the parade can be found here, and be sure to bundle up because it looks like a cold one this year.

Let us know if you try these bingo cards out this St. Patrick’s Day season by commenting below, or posting on our Facebook wall. Erin Go Bragh!




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